Photo Tips

Adding photos with your item is a sure way to increase the attention that your item receives from those who view it.

If you need some tips on getting the best results, the following information will point you in the right direction. Spend a few minutes with your favorite photo editing program to enhance your picture and your item presentation. If you don't have a photo editing program, there are any number of free, open-source software packages that you can downloaded rather easily. However, please note that JasonsJunk cannot provide technical support for photo editing software.

1. Choose Your Photos Carefully
Select a photo, or photos, that are clear and show your antique or collectible off at its best. Ideally, photos that only include your antique or collectible and nothing else. Other items in your photos can be confusing to those who are trying to appraise or identify your item.

2. Size
A small clear picture is far better than a large picture with little detail.

3. Cropping
Crop or cut your photo to get rid of unwanted items or empty space around your antique or collectible.

4. Orientation
Make sure that your photographs all face the right direction (not upside down or sideways). Rotate your photograph before you upload it.

5. Enlarging
Do not enlarge your images, the quality will suffer.